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Pet Care Tips and Advice




Using an invisible fence to contain a pet is just one way to be a responsible pet owner. But so is proper feeding, dog training, grooming your pet and getting the right pet products for your dog or cat.
Having the right information can help you keep your pets safe, healthy and happy,  So, we've invited Pet Care experts to share their advice with you. Browse through these articles for great advice and tips - and be sure to "Like" our Facebook page to stay on top of the latest pet care information.

Using an invisible fence to contain a pet is just one way to be a responsible dog or cat owner. But so is proper feeding, dog training, grooming your pet and getting the right pet products for your dog or cat.

Having the right information can help you keep your pets safe, healthy and happy.

So, we've invited Pet Care experts to share their advice with you. Browse through these articles for great advice and tips - and be sure to "Like" our Facebook page to stay on top of the latest pet care information.


Pet Care Articles


Socializing Your Newly Adopted Puppy or Dog

Because dogs are pack animals and need to feel "a part of" a larger group, socializing them is very important. Let's look at socializing a new puppy first. You've just brought your new baby home and he's only 8 weeks old. What can you do to help him feel happy and relaxed and part of his new pack?
First understand that he is in a major transition period - he's just been removed from what was up till now, the source of virtually all his emotional and physical security - his mother and siblings. Though you may be thrilled about your new addition, this change may represent a huge lack of stability for your new puppy, especially if he tends to be shy and somewhat unsure of himself.

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What to Consider When Getting a Dog

Bringing a dog into your life is really not unlike having a child, so it's not a decision to make lightly as a dog is forever dependent on you, its human, for all of its care throughout its entire life. On the other hand, your child will grow up and become self-sufficient and hopefully help care for you in your old age!

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Common Dog Behavior Problems and How to Address Them

I recently taught a dog behavior class for concerned humans and their canine friends and after interviewing the interested students discovered the three most common behaviors they wanted to address. They are: barking, pulling on the leash and jumping up when greeting people. So let's take each one of these separately, starting with the loudest - barking.

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House Training Your Puppy Or Dog

Like any other canine training, teaching your puppy or dog not to use your house as a bathroom starts with repetition and consistency. Let's begin by addressing a puppy's needs as they are different from those of a fully grown dog.  When you bring your new pup home, understand that this is the first time she's ever been away from what essentially has been her main source of security - her family. She will be missing her littermates and her Mom, so her young life is turned upside down. You are asking her to learn a new language and to leave her "security blanket" and to start growing up - all at once.

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Top 10 Tips About Your New Puppy: Simple Advice for New Dog Owners

Did you get a puppy for Christmas? We found these great tips at and thought we would share it with our new dog owners out there.

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Dogs - The Ultimate Workout Partner

 It’s that time again; we’ve put on a few extra pounds over the holidays, and now things don’t fit quite right. And while it might seem a little early to be thinking about it, summer will be here before we know it and we’ll be dreading pulling out the bathing suits. Well, if you have a dog and are up for a little fun with you four legged friend this could be the year you don’t cringe at the thought of heading to the pool. I mean you have to let the dog out anyway, so why not combine some activities that your dog’ll love with some activities that’ll help your waistline? It’ll get you moving around, your dog will have a blast, and you might even have some fun too!

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Facts About Dogs You Didn't Know

What you don't know about dogs may surprise you, even if you've been a dog owner all your life.  Did you know that a dog can smell one thousand times better than a human, or that they only mate two times a year?

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Caring for Your Dog's Eyes - Tips for Keeping Them Clean and Healthy

Caring for the health of your dog's eyes begins with close observation. I usually did at least a cursory "physical exam" whenever I bathed my dog (once a month) and that included looking deeply into her gorgeous, big brown eyes! Below is a list of things to look for:

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How To Prevent Your Puppy From Mouthing and Nipping

If you've ever watched a group of puppies play, you know they can really roughhouse at times. This can include a number of behaviors, including mouthing and nipping, which are separate and distinct.

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Plants Pets Should Avoid

Decorating your home for the holidays is an annual tradition for many Americans that often includes the addition of pretty plants, bulbs and evergreens. But if you share your home with pets, there is some greenery you may want to omit as they can be toxic.

Read More Here.......

Winter Activities With Your Dog

Though the weather is colder and the days are shorter, keeping fit and active is still a priority for you and your dog and this article can give you some fun and challenging ideas for staying active. For simplicity, let's divide them into two main categories - indoor and outdoor.

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Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

One of the things I miss the most about having pets in my life is that wonderful, exuberant greeting I used to get whenever I came home. It didn't matter whether I had been gone for 20 minutes or 2 hours - my cats and dog were always there to meet and greet me enthusiastically at the door! Well OK, maybe the cats weren't there every time . . . . but my dog always did her welcome home "whirly dance" when I arrived!

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Holidays, People and Pets

If you are like many people, soon your home will be filled with friends and family to share the holidays with. So how do you handle your pets while you have company?
Some pets, like some people, are naturally gregarious - they really enjoy having visitors, with all the extra attention that comes with it. But others are not as outgoing and it may be downright stressful for them to deal with new people in their home. So first, recognize your pet's ability to be comfortable and relaxed with others.

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How Dogs Smell And Taste

The ability to taste sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sourness depends on the number and type of papillae, or what we usually call taste buds, on the tongue (those small bumps you can see when you stick your tongue out) and in other parts of the mouth. Humans have many more taste buds than dogs - 9000 compared to about 1700, so we seem to have a more highly developed sense of taste. Interestingly, unlike humans, dogs have special taste buds that only taste water.

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Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

The holidays will soon be here and kitchens across America will be filled with tantalizing aromas and the feelings of goodwill that come with those delicious smells. It wasn't all that long ago that dogs ate our leftovers before the advent of specially formulated canned and dry dog foods. However, there are some foods which may well be part of your holiday fare that you should not feed your dog.

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Understanding Pet Food Labels

Certainly, what your pet eats is a major source of his or her health and well-being. But how can you be sure that your pet's food is truly nutritious and safe?
Understanding the labeling on pet foods could easily be the subject of a book, so this article will provide you with an introductory overview of the basics with the caveat that you should do more research on your own.

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What A Dog Sees

For many years, it was believed that dogs did not have the ability to see color at all, that the world came to them mostly in black and white and shades of grey. Today we know that this is not true - dogs do see color, but because their eyes lack the three types of color receptors that we humans have, they do not see the variety of color that we do. It is similar to what we call red-green colorblindness. According to an article on, "Whereas a human with full color vision sees red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet along the spectrum of visible light, a dog sees grayish brown, dark yellow, light yellow, grayish yellow, light blue and dark blue, respectively—essentially, different combinations of the same two colors, yellow and blue."

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Great Dogs To Run With

One of the best ways for your and your dog to stay in shape is to go running together. This article is meant to give you some tips on running with your dog.
There are some dogs who were bred to run and the most obvious is the Greyhound. But really, any healthy athletic dog, pure bred or not, can make a great running partner. If you have a dog whose legs are on the shorter end of the spectrum, don't assume they can't keep up. Often the little guys try harder! If however, your dog has a small snout, running may not be a realistic choice as dogs with mushed-in noses tend to have a harder time breathing.

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Dental Care For Puppies

Caring for your new puppy starts when you bring her home. Much of what you do (and don't do) in the early stages of her life will impact her emotionally and physically when she grows up. Dental care is one of the aspects of caring for a puppy and this article will provide some tips.

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Managing Arthritis and Joint Pain in Your Dog

It may start when you notice that your dog has trouble getting up if she's been lying down. It may take longer for her to right herself than it used to and she may even whimper a bit before reaching a standing position. Or she may limp when she walks. But then later she chases her favorite ball like she always has and can still jump up into the backseat of your car for a ride, so everything's all right . . . .right?

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Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

The holidays are coming and many of us are planning visits with family and friends. If you can take your pet with you, so much the better! A change of scenery and spending time with loved ones is often good for us and for them!   If you are traveling by plane, some airlines will allow small pets in the people part of the plane if they are in a soft ventilated travel bag or small crate. Check with the airline to find out what their policy is. If your pet has to be in the cargo area, place a piece of your clothing in his or her crate to comfort them during the ride and try to ensure that they have "done their business" before takeoff.

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Fabulous Pet Toys

Play time and having a variety of several fun, safe toys helps your pet enjoy his or her life. Playing with your pet is good fun, allows you to bond with her or him and often provides exercise as well.  In thinking about preparing this article, I recalled reading about some pet toys that apparently contained material that was toxic to pets. Tennis balls for example, that, if ingested, caused dogs to become sick. So make sure that whatever your pet puts in its mouth cannot cause any harm.

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Managing A Multiple Pet Household

If you're like me, your house is just not a home without several pets. But how can you handle their needs as different species (cats and dogs, for example) and still be fair to everyone?  One thing that can be challenging is meal time. If you have more than one dog or cat (or if any of your pets has special dietary needs), how can you ensure that everyone gets his or her food?

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Hearing Loss In Your Pet

Some pets are born with a congenital defect that causes deafness but most experience a loss of hearing gradually over time as they age. You will notice this in your older pet when he or she does not react to everyday noises, does not respond to the sound of a favorite squeaky toy or does not react when you call his or her name.

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Winterizing Your Pet

I am fortunate to live in Arizona and although we do experience some cold days, winter here is never as bone-chilling as it is in many other parts of the country. I grew up in New England and can recall how winters seemed interminable and how I longed for balmy summer weather.
Just as we are, our pets are affected by the cold, too. How can we help make them comfortable during those long winter months?

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How to Make Pet Relocation Look Easy

 International moves would be so much easier if you could just “beam” yourself out to your destination country. Unfortunately, only the Starship Enterprise from “Star Trek” can do that magical, stress-free travel. While you wait for such technology to revolutionize the way people move from one location to another, here’s a more realistic approach: hire a specialist mover.

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Keeping Your Pet Healthy

There is an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to health in general and in particular, the health of your pet, this adage holds true.  Health can be thought of in two main components. One is physical, which is what most of us think of when we consider the concept of health. But there is also emotional health as well, and these two aspects are intertwined. In a nutshell, a happy pet will likely be a healthy pet.

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Tips For Keeping Your Cats and Dogs Happy And Healthy During Flea Season


In many regions of the U.S., flea season lasts longer than just spring and summer. Though the warm weather is where they thrive, it doesn't take much to provide an ideal environment for these parasites, which puts animal wellness at risk. As long as the weather is over 60 degrees, and the adult fleas have a host to get their blood from, they will reproduce. In order for their larvae to hatch, it only has to be 50 degrees, which means that fleas have the ability to reproduce and live inside houses all year long.

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Most Famous Dog Television Personalities

Dog training is a skill that some people have successfully managed to make a business out of. Not only have they been able to make money out of their skills, they have also transformed themselves into celebrities in their own right, with people desperate to hire them and control their unruly pups. Here are some of the most well-known dog trainers.

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The Most Popular Names For Dogs and Cats in 2013

We Americans have come a long way in naming our pets. I can still recall in grammar school how the then common Dick-and-Jane stories featured Spot and Fluffy as the family pet names for their dog and cat.

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Animal Assisted Therapy and Cancer Patients

It has long been known that animals provide comfort to people who are undergoing stress. Today we are discovering the positive benefits of AAT or Animal Assisted Therapy in many situations ranging from dogs who support a child in court who's testifying in his or her own abuse case to dogs who visit hospital patients.

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How To Build A Relationship Between a Pet and a Baby

Both babies and pets are quite naive to understand the deep meaning of the word, relationship. They cannot build a strong connection between each other on their own. It is our duty to help them in developing that strong bond for each other. As immature, they may end up in harming each other. Only parents can make the best introduction between them which will lead to a long cherishing relation that remains eternal forever. Here are some of the points that can be kept in mind while not only developing but also grooming the bond between your child and pet.

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Naming Your Pet - What's In A Name?

Often, if you adopt a pet from a shelter, they will already have a name and depending on the age of the pet, changing it may confuse them. An option if you really don't like the name they were given is to change it to something that sounds similar.

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Caring For Older Or Senior Pets

Just as we take different actions to care for ourselves as we age, senior pets need special care as well. The old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds true for both humans and animals.  One of the best preventative measures you can take to ensure your pet's continued health is not to let him or her get overweight. Because they may not be exercising as much as they were when they were younger, you may have to consider placing them on a lower-calorie, lower fat diet.

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Grooming Your Dog or Cat

One of my favorite indulgent things to do is treat myself to a relaxing facial, a massage or even a haircut. The operant word here is "relaxing"; as it is for us, grooming your pet ideally should be soothing and enjoyable for them and for you.

For More Read Here.....


Putting Your Pet On A Diet

I'll never forget the time when my neighbor, a fellow I liked and respected for his work with horses, bluntly told me one day when we were visiting him and his wife, that my dog was fat! I was crushed but, truth be told, I had noticed that she was getting a little pudgy around her ribs. So, I resolved to resolve the problem and put her on a diet. Until then, I had always kept her food bowl full of tasty kibble so she could help herself whenever she wanted, but apparently, she had been doing that more often . . . .

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Introducing a Puppy to Your Older Dog

One of my favorite authors is veterinarian James Herriot who left us a wonderful collection of heartwarming stories about many of his canine patients. I love all the tales and have read each of them many times, but the one that comes to mind for this article is the story of Jingo and Skipper. Actually, it's about Jingo II . . . .

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Handling Pet Allergies

Pet dander (dead skin cells) is literally everywhere! It has been found on airplanes, on all types of fabric, in malls and other public places and if you are allergic to it, being around it can make your life miserable. Some people also react to saliva and urine too. But what if the thought of giving up your pet is worse than living with your allergic reactions? Here are some suggestions.

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Exercising With Your Pet - Good For Both Of You

It has been said that a walk for a dog is like "reading the newspaper" - they love it! Because they are social pack animals and because of their highly developed sense of smell, dogs truly enjoy getting out in the world. Not only can they pick up information about other dogs (including whether it was a male or female and even its approximate age) but they also relish all the other animal and plant scents out there as well.

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Chewy Cat Treats For Your Cat

We found a great homemade cat treat recipe at Joy The Baker.  It's simple and easy to make and you're cats will go nuts over it!

Click Here For More Info......

Healthy Digestions For Your Dogs

There are a number of ways to check to ensure that your dog is digesting her food properly. First, is she eating it? You may be paying big bucks for a specialized food, but it obviously won't do a bit of good if your dog won't eat it. Find a good quality food that she likes....

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Style For Our Furry Friends

Our furry friends are part of the family.  We cater to their every need, providing toys, climbers, beds, bowls, scratching posts, bones, and much, much more.  So, here are a few ideas to make their accessories part of your decor.  Check out this fun and interesting design inspiration that will pamper your four legged friend while adding flare to your home.

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What To Do If You Find A Stray Dog Or Cat

If you have ever felt the wrenching heartache of losing your pet, you know the immense relief that comes when they are safely home again! As guardians of domestic animals, we humans owe them our care and responsibility.

Over the years, I have found a number of strays, mostly dogs. The first thing to do is check for a collar and an ID tag with the owner's name and number. Call as soon as possible to let them know you have their dog. If there is no ID tag, look for a rabies tag or a license. Contact either the veterinarian or the shelter that issued the tag - they will likely have the owner's name and contact information on record.

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13 Summer And Winter Doggy Tips

Here are some great summer and winter tips that may help you with common doggy problems.

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Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Make your own dog food with only a few easy ingredients!  You can make this easy and healthy recipe at home for your furry friend!   We found this particular recipe at and it allows for 40 servings.

Click Here To Read More..........

Why Is My Dog Still Scratching?

Is your dog being driven to distraction because his skin is itchy? There can be a number of reasons why your dog is scratching and it’s up to you to help him. Here are three reasons why your dog may be scratching...

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Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Heat waves have been rippling across the country en masse this summer. My brother, who lives not far from the Canadian border in Vermont, was telling me last week that daytime temperatures were peaking at a scorching 95 degrees. It was actually hotter there than where I live in northern Arizona!

Read More Here............

Blending Comfort for Your Pet With Your Home's Decor

The amazing thing about comfortable pet accoutrements today is their sheer variety in terms of price, materials and fabrics, colors, sizes and features. Whether you're looking for an elaborate cat tree with multiple levels, a simple cushion-type dog bed or a specialized pet bed that provides orthopedic comfort for an aging friend, all this and more are easily available. Simply go online and search for what you're looking for;  in the process, you will likely discover more information about the item to help you refine your search. Read More......

Indoor Versus Outdoor Cats

You have provided your kitty with a myriad of toys, a beautiful and comfortable cat tree to climb and lounge on, delicious food and treats, a scratching post and even catnip. But even with all these comforts and your devoted attention and love, you know he pines to go outside.

Click Here To Read More!

Pet Separation Anxiety

Leaving your pet can be very difficult on the you, but chances are it’s far more difficult on the pet itself.  They often feel abandoned and don’t understand why they’ve been left.  You still deserve your vacations, so here are some tips on how to help your pet deal with that anxiety.

Click Here For More Information!

Purebred or Mixed Breed?  Finding The Right Dog!

So you’ve decided to get a dog? Wonderful! I have a sign hanging in my house that reads “The high point of my day is that moment when I get home to be with my dog.” It’s the truth. And I’m pretty confident that you’ll love coming home to your dog too, as long as you bring home the right dog for you and your family.

Click here to learn more!

Dog Friendly Summers

When I was a kid, our family traveled by car from southwestern Connecticut each summer to spend a week or so with my grandparents who had a wonderful old rambling farmhouse in the northwest part of Massachusetts, right below the Vermont border.

For more click here!

Caring For Your Pet Post Surgery

Your pet has had a surgery, a traumatic event for a pet.  Now is the time to indulge her with extra love and oversight.  These simple tips for after-surgery pet care will ensure that Fido recovers as quickly as possible.

For more information click here!

Housebreaking Your Dog

It’s no secret housebreaking a puppy is no easy task.  In some respects it’s harder to potty train a dog than an actual child, but there are some tricks to make it a little bit easier on you.  Click Here For More Information!

How to Prevent Mischief When Your Dog is Unattended


Pet proofing your home preferably starts when your pet is very young.  Here are a few tips to get you started training your dog for time spent home alone.  Click Here For More Info!

Summertime Doesn't Have To Mean Fleas

Do you and your pet dread the onset of summer and the fleas that accompany it? Does your furry friend spend most of the summer scratching and chewing and just being miserable because of those nasty little creatures?  Mine used to, and it broke my heart. I tried all the drops and sprays and shampoos and powders, but nothing helped. Until I realized that the only way to keep my pups flea-free was to keep the fleas from getting to them in the first place.  Click here to learn more:

Summer Pet Suggestions

July and August are the hottest months of summer and though we are halfway through already, we must not forget important guidelines and suggestions for making our pets stay safe and cool during these hot months. Click Here To Learn More!

Stop Your Cat From Spraying

No one wants to face to issue of your cat spraying in your house.  They become a part of your home, your family, and your life, but the smell of urine throughout your house can be a deal breaker for most owners.  Click Here To Learn More!

Dealing With Doggy Depression

No pet owner likes the idea of leaving their beloved dog at home, but reality is most people work and it's a necessary evil.  Dogs tend to be very sensitive creatures and often get depressed or develop serious anxiety issues when left alone.  They, just like humans, develop symptoms and have trouble dealing with the anxiety.  Here is an article giving you some clues that your dog is suffering and some suggestions on how to deal with this depression.  Click here for more info......

Healthy Feeding For Your Cat

Our feline friends are important to us and their eating habits are just as important as ours.  If we want them to stick around longer, this is a key ingredient to their lasting age and health.  We found an article with Purina that helps show ways to promote a healthy weight and lean muscle.   Also realize, healthy eating for kitties doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to taste good.  A diet high in fiber means a healthy, long life for our kitties.  Click Here to learn more.......

Help For Dogs Who Bark Excessively

Long before the invention of electronic security systems, dogs were used to literally sounding the alarm in the form of barking. With their acute sense of hearing, they could easily detect noises from long distances and were and still are a great deterrent to avert burglaries and other crime.  Click here to learn some tips.

Care For Your New Kitten

Cats seem to be very independent creatures, which us cat lovers tend to like.   In the first several weeks of a kittens life it’s mother manages everything it needs, but after that you become the kittens mother and it becomes your responsibility to care for the kitten as though it is in fact your own family.  Click here to learn how to care for your kitten.....


5 Considerations When Choosing a New Pet

Thinking about adding a fur kid to your family? Today, we discuss 5 considerations with important topics you should think about before deciding on a pet for your family. Click here to learn all 5 things to think about before getting a pet...

Backyard Puppy Pool Tips

Using a puppy pool is one good way to help your dog cool off while he stays safe in your backyard with an underground fence this summer. Here are a few tips to help ensure that the pool does more good than harm.

Can You Put Sunscreen on Your Pet?

The summer sun can burn your pet's skin just like it can your own.

If your dog is spending time outside with your electric fence, here are some tips to help you protect your dog from a painful and harmful sunburn.

When is it too hot to leave your dog in the car?

As the weather gets warmer, humans and pets alike tend to get more active. For humans - that means we do a lot of "running around", driving from store to store to get our errands done.

But, waiting in the car for you can be dangerous for your dog. So, find out when it is too hot to leave your dog in the car.

Homemade Recipe for an All Natural Pet Deodorizer

April showers bring May flowers... but with damp air, wet grass and a month full of rain showers, April showers can also bring the musty smell of "wet dog" into your home. This spring, try this recipe for an all-natural, homemade deodorizer to get rid of that wet dog smell.

Simple Homemade Dog Food Recipes

We've found a few recipes to help you make a special meal or treat for your dog - and feel good about what you're providing for him/her. Grab the recipes here...

Pet Tips for Warmer Weather

Warm weather is a fun and celebratory time of the year. Weddings, graduations, parties, and beaches are the central focus of us human's time, but it's also a time for our animals to experience too, and while it can be a fun time for them as well, they are also in need of taking precautions to keep healthy and safe.

Here's an article that gives you some summer pet tips to keep our beloved creatures safe.

Top 7 Countdown for Summertime Considerations for Your Dog

We treat our dogs like our friends and family and in the summer the warm weather is far more taxing on them than it is on us, so here are some ideas on how to keep them cool and safe in the summer whether you're on the go or hanging out in your own dog-friendly backyard.

Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet

When walking, riding, or just being outside in general it’s important to take care of our pets just as we would take care of our children. Katie Molloy from “Barks Place” has some suggestions for you. See what she suggests... 

7 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe in the Summer

Our entire business is about pet safety. Our hidden pet fences are designed to keep pets safe in areas where privacy fences, chain link fences and other barriers aren't allowed or feasible. So, we love this set of 7 tips from today's pet expert on keeping pets safe in the summertime!

Create a Doggie Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

A doggie obstacle course in your backyard is a terrific idea for a domestic dog or a pup you might be training for a show.

Besides it being a fun owner and pet activity it's also very healthy means of keeping your dog agile and healthy. Learn how to create a fun and safe backyard play space for your dog.

Dog House Design Ideas

If you're thinking about installing an electric fence in your backyard, you might also want to consider creating a special place for your dog to relax, stay warm or cool and feel "at home" in backyard.

Check out these fun dog house designs...

Dogs and Chocolate Don't Mix

When Fido finds the chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and chocolate filled baskets that the bunny has hidden - he won't hesitate to dig in, not knowing that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Find out more about dogs and chocolate and how much is too much...

What to Do When Your Dog Won't Stop Barking

Many of our clients get electric fences because their neighborhoods don't allow privacy fences. Wide open spaces mean that your dog can see - and bark at - everything going on around your yard.

Today's guest pet expert shares some great advice for those of you that are frustrated with a dog that won't stop barking.

Keeping Your Pet in a Bad Economy

Today's guest experts gives us some great advice for keeping your pets and affording to take care of them even if you've lost your job or have had to take a pay cut. See what she recommends for resources to keep you and your pets together.

Pets and Diabetes

As with people, the incidence of diabetes in dogs and cats is increasing. Veterinarians admit diabetes is under-reported and could affect as many as one in 50 of our pets. The reasons for this increase, and even epidemic, of diabetes are...

9 Items to Consider When Choosing a Pet

When we're installing electric fences for cats and dogs in our clients' yards, we hear about a lot of the decisions that the families made before choosing thier perfect pets. So, we really liked this advice from today's pet care expert with a checklist of things to consider when choosing a pet.

6 Point Pet Selection Plan

Today's guest writer is a family expert. See the 6 points she recommends that you cover in order to choose the perfect pet for your family.

Dog or Puppy... Cat or Kitten?

If you're planning on bringing a new pet into the family, our guest pet expert has lots of great advice to help you choose the right pet to ensure your new "baby" fits right in!

How to Choose a Pet That Fits Your Lifestyle

Today's guest pet expert has years of experience in rescuing unwanted animals. She has seen all sorts of bad decisions when people choose the wrong pet for their lifestyles. See what she has to say about picking a pet that fits your lifestyle.

How to Choose a Child's First Pet

Every parent of a young child knows that at some point, usually between four and seven years old, they will pine for a pet. For a child, a pet can be a best friend that teaches responsibility, friendship and respect for life.

Today's guest pet expert has some great advice to help you choose the right first pet for your child.

How to Choose a Dog with Your Head and Not Your Heart

People often choose a dog that is "cute" or one that they "fall in love with" and are left dealing with the consequences later when the dog is the wrong size, breed or has the wrong temperment for the family. So, today, our guest expert teaches us how to choose the right dog.


Exercising With Your Pet

If you've been considering an invisible fence for your dog, you already know the importance of giving your pup enough room to get exercise by fetching a ball, playing with a frisbee or romping with your family in the backyard.

See what our guest pet expert has to say about how beneficial this exercise is for your pet.

Taking Your Pets to Work

Every now and again we'll get requests from business owners who want us to install underground electric fences at their workplace. The fences are invisble and don't interfere with workflow - but they keep the business owner's and employees' pets safe when they bring them to work.

Learn the benefits of having your pets come to work with you.

Helping Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety

When we're installing electric fences for our clients in Southeast Michigan, we hear a lot of stories about dogs misbehaving when their owners are away. So, today our guest expert and Vetrinarian gives you some tips to help your dog deal with your busy schedule of coming and going.

Hydro-Therapy for Your Dog

Hydro-therapy or water therapy, is a well accepted form of rehabilitation in human medicine using an underwater treadmill.

See what today's guest pet expert has to say about using these same treatments for our pets.

Train Your Dog to Behave When You're Not Home

You're thinking about pet-proofing your yard with an underground fence. Pet proofing your home starts when your pet is very young.  Here are a few tips to get you started training your dog for time spent home alone.

Researching Tips for Pure Breeds

Do you really know your "favorite" breed? Today's guest blogger shares some great tips to help you research breeds before deciding on the right breed for your family and your living situation - including whether or not the breed you have in mind is going to be compatible with an invisible fence!

Thinking About Getting a Dog?

There's more to consider than an electric fence! Today, our guest blogger and organizational expert tells us about her experience getting a dog and her tips for keeping everything organized and planned to make both the dog and your family at ease

The Bond Between Dogs and Children

When we're installing underground pet fences for our clients in Southeast Michigan, we hear how hard families work to find the right breed to ensure that their children and their new dog are a good match. See what our guest blogger suggests for getting your children and your new dog ready for a successful, lifelong relationship.

How to Make Your Dog Bed Invisible

You've been spoiled with the ability to hide your pet's safety outside with an electric fence, but inside your house is a different story. Come see what an interior designer suggests for making your indoor dog bed disappear just like an invisible fence...

Reach Your New Year's Resolutions With a Dog

Not only is a dog a great family pet, but keeping up with your pup can help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. See how much weight you can lose each month with Fido's help...

How to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

If you've ever left your animals for a few days or weeks at a time, you know that finding the perfect pet sitter can offer you piece of mind and comfort knowing your pets are well taken care of. But, hire the wrong person and...

Learn how to choose the right pet sitter...

Loving Your (Over) Active Pet

Is your dog acting out when you let him in the house after being outside in the yard?

Learn what may be contributing to your pet's behavior and what you can do to calm him down...

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Age and Lifestyle

Your age and your lifestyle matter when choosing your next dog. Between training and exercise, there are several things to consider to make the right choice.

See what questions you should ask yourself and your veterinarian before deciding on a pet...

4 Pet Sitting Precautions

When finding someone to take care of our pets, we want to be sure they are treating our furry friends with the same amount of love and respect they receive from us when we're home. Learn what precautions to take while choosing a pet sitter for your furry family members.

Will Your Dog Stay Inside or Outside?

When we're installing electric fences for our customers, we are often asked about whether a dog should be kept mostly outside or mostly inside. Here are some considerations to help you make your decision. Learn more...

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pet

If you are planning to introduce a puppy to your family, here are 4 questions you should ask yourself to help determine if a pet and what kind of pet is right for you and your family.

Read and answer the 4 questions...

Did Santa Bring a New Puppy for Christmas?
Thousands of children across the country and around the world will wake up on Christmas morning with a present that moves... and barks and wags! As you get to know him, we recommend that you spend some time considering his safety. Learn more...

Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

A recent scientific breakthrough is helping pets deal with the pain associated with arthritis as well as injuries to tendons and ligaments.

Learn more about this FDA approved technology from certified veterinarians...

What to Do When Your Pets Don't Get Along

What do you do when your dog doesn’t get along with the cat? How about a new kitten and your daughter’s cat? Pet safety is important and it is the key to keeping pets happy and healthy.

Learn how to handle fighting pets...

Should You Get a Puppy for Christmas?

Well it’s that time of year again. Our wonderful holiday season is in full swing. And Santa is getting requests from great kids everywhere for a puppy for Christmas.

See what to consider before getting a puppy for Christmas...

5 Tips for a Happy Pet

With busy schedules we can accidentally neglect our furry friends without even realizing it until furniture get chewed on, garbage gets knocked over...

Learn 5 tips to help keep your pet happy and feeling the love!

Exercise for Your Dog

Even with an underground fence allowing your dog to freely run through your yard - you still need to think about the exercise your dog is getting each day. Today, our guest author shares some tips for exercising your dog - many of which include the bonus of exercise for you as well!

Read the full article

Teach Your Dog To Stay Calm When The Doorbell Rings

People are often embarrassed by their dog's behavior at the door when visitors arrive. Here's how to change that...